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C92K-25 CNC Fully Hydraulic Die Forging Hammer

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    C92K-25 CNC Fully Hydraulic Die Forging Hammer

    1. Main Technical parameters

    Hit energyKJ25
    Weight of falling partsKg1700
    Max. strokemm685
    Max hit numbermin-190
    Guide spacingmm608
    Max. close die height (without dovetail)mm370
    Min. close die height (without dovetail)mm180
    Working oil pressureMpa18
    Main motor powerKw55
    Height above floormm4570
    Total height of hammermm5275
    Total weightton39.3

    2. Main supply range of machine

    Part of hammer frame: frame, “X” shape guide rail, bottom die holder, ram, hammer rod, connection components between ram and hammer rod and wedges etc.

    Part of hydraulic station: oil tank, accumulator, lower sleeve assembly, motor-pump combination, pilot unloading valve, hose combination, oil filter, valve block, hitting valve and its pilot unloading valve, other hydraulic valves etc.

    Part of electric: electric control cabinet, button panel, PLC automatic monitoring system.

    Part of numerical control: numerical control system, touch screen.

    Part of operating: foot-pedal.

    Part of pipe: pipe line supporter, oil pipe, cut-off valve.

    Part of cooler: Electrical cooler.

    Part of lubrication: lubrication pump, oil separator, lubrication oil pipe and connector.

    Part of spare parts: one set of spare parts

    Part of wearing parts: two sets of wearing parts.

    Part of vibration absorber: one set of vibration absorber.

    Part of hydraulic ejector: one set of hydraulic ejector.

    2.1. One set of spare parts for CNC forging hammer.

    2.2. Two sets of wearing parts for CNC forging hammer.

    3. Main outsourcing parts list

    Series No.Purchased partsManufacturer
    1Electrical cooling systemChina
    2Vibration isolation systemQingdao Gerb
    5Touch screenSiemens
    6Plunger pumpBeijing Huade
    7Sealing ring for ramDichtomatik
    8TransformerChina Wuxi
    9Circuit breakerSchneider

    4. Main part list

    Series No.ItemMaterial
    1hammer rod40CrNiMoA forging
    2tup42CrMo forging
    3die holder42CrMo forging

    Ⅲ. Duty and responsibility of both parties

    1. Duty and responsibility of the buyer:

    (1). Make the foundation and the construction of the pipeline for CNC fully hydraulic die forging hammer. (Seller offer the drawing)

    (2). Buy power wire from power supply to electrical cabinet.

    (3). Buy the hydraulic oil (H-LM46 anti-wear hydraulic oil) and Nitrogen gas.

    (4). Offer welding equipments, oxygen gas and acetylene cutting machine, hydraulic jack, oil filter machine, electric drill and other common tools.

    (5). Unload them when the machine arriving in customer’s company, and provide lifting equipment when installing the machines.

    (6). Make dies for CNC fully hydraulic die forging hammers.

    (7). Bear the board and lodging and transportation costs (including the international round-trip tickets) of seller’s engineers and translator during the period of supervising the installation and commissioning.

    (8). The buyer should abide the operating and maintenance regulations strictly during run the machine, it’s not allowed to overweight and overloading etc violation operating to run the machine, the loss due to violation operating should be borne by the buyer.

    (9). Keep the secret of seller’s machine technology.

    2. Duty and responsibility of the seller:

    (1). Provide qualified CNC fully hydraulic die forging hammer, which should meet the requirements of technical parameters.

    (2). Provide the foundation drawing for CNC fully hydraulic die forging hammer.

    (3). Provide English operation manual, packing list and certificate of conformity.

    (4). Supervise the installation and commissioning and bear domestic round tickets when installation and commissioning.

    (5). Provide technical guidance during the machine lifetime.

    (6). Train the operating and maintenance workers for free during the period of supervising the installation and commissioning.

    The detailed technical training is as following:

    Study the working principle of CNC fully hydraulic die forging hammer.

    Study the operation methods of CNC fully hydraulic die forging hammer.

    Study the routine maintenance and periodic maintenance of CNC fully hydraulic die forging hammer.

    Study analysis and solving of the common fault of CNC fully hydraulic die forging hammer.

    Study the replacement of wearing parts of CNC fully hydraulic die forging hammer.

    Study die installation and fixing means of CNC fully hydraulic die forging hammer.

    Notice: If there is any problem caused of this current agreement, the sides will use the International Business Law.

    Working principle of CNC fully hydraulic die forging hammer

    CNC fully hydraulic die forging hammer adopts motor-oil-accumulator driving, bottom cavity of oil cylinder connects with the accumulator constantly, the pressure is constant pressure. The control system only controls the top cavity. Inlet valve of top cavity (also called blow valve) open, the high pressure oil from oil pump, accumulator and bottom cavity (which absorbed by differential circuit) comes into top cavity, makes the ram fall down quickly and finishes the blow action. Once the top cavity releases the pressure, the ram will move up quickly. The precise control of blow energy is realized by controlling the closing time of blow valve.

    VI. Features of CNC fully hydraulic die forging hammer.

    1. Hit energy can be controlled accurately

    Hit energy can be controlled at ±1.5%. After testing 4 copper columns, deviation in height is ≤0.3mm. If input different die height, the system can automatically adjust parameters to assure energy’s identity and accuracy.

    2. Hit procedure can be controlled by digitization

    It can save up dozens of forging craftwork program, and it is compatible all kinds of forgings craftwork library. So the operation is easy, usage is convenient.

    3. Forging precision is high

    Hammer frame adopts “X” shape guide rail, the clearance of guide rails is small. It also increase the vertical, horizontal and capsize stiffness of hammer frame, which ensures the guide precision of hammer head, so it can accomplish precision close-die forging.

    “X” shape guide rail

    4. Hit frequency is high

    By adopting big hammer head and short stroke structure, the hammer can greatly increase hit frequency on the base of ensuring enough energy. Practice proves that it can increase more than 40% than ordinary close die forging hammers.

    5. Hammer and die life can be increased greatly

    Because the energy can be controlled accurately, hitting energy can be used on forgings efficiently, no excess energy can be used to cold hit dies and damage dies.

    6. Material using rate is high

    Because the guide rail clearance is small and die mismatch is small, the forging precision is high and forging flash is small, the material using rate is high.

    7. Low noisy and low vibration

    “U” shape solid casting frame produces lower hitting noise than box type and arch column frame.

    Adopting vibration isolation device can decrease 90% vibration.

    8. Hammer rod life is long

    Adopting thin hammer rod, the hammer rod and hammer head forming elastic buffering structure, make the hammer rod change from wearing parts to be long time use parts.

    9. Dies can be changed and adjusted safely, easily and quickly

    The hammer has slow ascend and slow descend action, which can stop at any position, this make it very safely, easily and quickly to change the dies. Because the upper die and lower die adopt double wedge structure, which can adjust dies to left and right align, aligning key can adjust dies’ front and back to satisfy all kinds of adjustments.

    10. Forging quality is more reliable

    It can save up dozens of forging craftwork program, and it is compatible all kinds of forgings craftwork library. For one kind forging, it can be got the same hitting energy and hitting number to avoid manual operation variety, so forging quality is more reliable.

    11. Easy to realize automation production

    Hitting procedure and energy can be achieved by CNC control, so it makes a good base for robot to put on and lay off materials automatically, and automatic product line can be achieved easily

    VII. Structure of C92K CNC Fully Hydraulic Closed-die Forging Hammer

    (1). Hammer frame

    Adopt “U” type hammer frame, provide strong rigidity. Two upright arms have wide “X” shape guide rail, which makes ram not been blocked at any time. The power head of the hammer is on the top, so machine occupies smaller area. Frame adopts excellent material, combine anvil block and two columns, which increased the rigidity on longitudinal, cross direction of the upright column and insure the accurate guide of ram.

    As we know, the ram hits high temperature work piece for long time, the temperature is very high, the volume will be inflated. If adopt the traditional comb guide rail, should increase the clearance between sliding rail and ram to avoid ram been blocked, but if the guide clearance of closed die forging hammer is bigger, it will affect the forging accuracy. In order to solve this problem, we designed the "X" shape guide rail, the ram is radial heat expansion when it turn to be hot when begin forging, so this will not affect the guide clearance after the temperature rising,.

    (2). Ram

    Ram is forged by high capability open die hot forging press, which ensured the forging quality. Excellent heat treatment technology and methods ensured the inner quality and sufficient hardness of the hammer.

    Ram guide face and dovetail face is heat treated by high frequency hardening to reach HRC48-52, improving the wear resistance of the rail surface, and eliminating dovetail face deformation and collapse.

    Dovetail groove base adopts arc smooth transition, reduce concentration of stress, and increase the intensity of ram.

    (3). Hammer rod

    Hammer rod material is 40CrNiMoA, and its mechanical property can get to δb ≥800Mpa,δs≥500Mpa, which capacity is more excellent than 40CrNi and 35CrMo.

    Before and after heat treatment, the hammer rod will be ultrasonic tested as per GB/T4162-92 specification to detect the flaw.

    Ram piston adopts braze-weld, hammer rod adopts high toughness and strength, after special integral heat treatment to lengthen the life of hammer rod.

    The external surface of hammer rod adopts rolling depression, surface roughness gets over 0.8. In the meantime, the surface forms hardened layer increasing wear resistance greatly, it solved that sealing rings are wear out failure out of time and enhanced the life of sealing rings.

    The seal rings of hammer rod adopt Germany Dichromatic seal rings.

    (4). Hydraulic station

    Hydraulic system adopts oil pump-accumulator group drive, the lower cavity of main cylinder is connected with accumulator all the time .The hydraulic system just control the upper chamber, through controlling the closing time of hit valve realizes the size of hit energy, hit valve is two stage control valve, first-level lead valve is a two-position three way directional control valve, the system requires high quality for it, should have high-frequency and also require high repeat accuracy.

    Using top set structure, the internal oil route sealed on the main valve block, such structure caused the hydraulic system realized the integration, compare with oil tank adopted side set type, the piping system length reduce greatly, the energy loss reduced above 1 time, in addition through the integration, the oil route connection realized no tube connection, increased the connection reliability.

    In the hydraulic system has established a safety valve between the accumulator and the bottom chamber, once hammer rod break from middle, cut-off the bottom chamber oil and accumulator immediately, thus enhanced the degree of security of operation.

    The oil tank is top set type, the tank body is weldment, which uses the CO2 protection welding, conforms to JB/T5000.3-1998 and ZQ4000.3-86 "Welding General Specification Requirement" the concerned requirements, the tank body conforms to the JB/T5000.12-1998 concerned requirements after the surface treatment.

    ·Flaw detection after the oil tank welding to avoid the oil leakage.

    The hydraulic station box-body establishes reinforcement bar partly, causes the box body intensity to be high; The high-pressured oil route channel is unimpeded, the fat liquor resistance was small, heat gives off was few, enhanced the reliability

    (5) Ejection system

    CNC forging hammer equipped with ejection system, include ejector hydraulic station and ejector, ejector is installed in the die seat, can choose auto ejection and pedal ejection at will.

    (6). Electrical cooler

    Electrical cooler:Collect the cooling, heat and precision filter three large function

    And has the remote control, filter chock warning functions and so on, thus guarantee the C92K CNC fully hydraulic die forging hammer operated reliably.

    The advantage of electrical cooler is excellent cooling effect, high aptitude, space saving, energy saving and environment protection.

    (7). Lubrication part

    The self-lubrication device also can be adjusted by customer’s requirements, the adjustment is also the touch screen adjustment input, like how long the lubrication pump work. It can adjust by the user according to the actual situation.

    (8). Vibration isolation foundation part

    Foundation of C92K CNC fully hydraulic die forging hammer adopts Germany GERB vibration absorber.

    The feature of the vibration isolation foundation:

    1) The size of base reduce more relative fixed support, leave out crossbar beam, embedded part, saved the foundation cost and the construction time, maintenance facility.

    2) The vibration isolation effect is good, it can reduce vibration 80-95%.

    3) The using life is about 30-50 years, so no need rework.

    4) Reduce the vibration level of machine self and around equipment, reduced the failure rate of hydraulic press system and electro control system.

    The compose of the vibration isolation device:

    This system is composed of spring and stagnant damper

    The function of spring is to supply elasticity cushion, reduce system natural frequency. It adopts helical spring, this spring bear high and elasticity large.

    VISCO® stagnant damper have in the macro viscosity liquid cylinder body and a special shape plunger insert into liquid, the plunger do movement transform the mechanical energy into the heat energy in the liquid, this make the shock motion of forging hammer weaken to zero. Regarding attacks equipment, can absorb the impacting energy, make the equipment tends to be stable rapidly after the equipment was subject to the impact disturbance, guaranteed forging hammer's impact vibration completely steadily before next time hit, the forging hammer cannot have double hit resonating. Distance forging hammer 10, the ground oscillator measurement curve (refers to the drawing ).

    . Manufacture capability

    1. The machining precision of hammer frame is important,especially the degree of symmetry of “X” Type guide rail side and the uprightness degree of coattail side,affect the assemble quality directly,in order to ensure the precision,technologist study out the detail machining project and check method,use the large CNC floor type boring machine completed the relate machining step,achieved the requirement of drawing set.

    2. The precision of hit valve and two stage lead valve is the key for energy precision control,all the key machining completed with CNC machining equipments.

    Hammer head, main valve block etc machined on CNC machining equipments, ensured the machining quality of them.

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